Aren’t they just to die for? These wedding shower invitations are so, so, so, very adorable and sweet.

​Best of all, if you really love this design, there’s a complete selection of matching items to give the bride-to-be a truly custom and personalized wedding shower.

Wedding Shower Invitations

With bride-to-be’s wedding day is just around the corner it is time to host an unforgettable shower in her honor and bridal and weddings shower invitations are just what you need to get the party started.

And wedding showers are an excellent chance to party. We specialize in a varied collection of designs that provide you with a lot of enjoyable ways to style the celebration. A set of weddings shower invites should be selected based on the individual’s tastes, and that is why it is easy to find the look you’re after when you shop here. You can find a lot of custom invitations for a unique wedding shower which will provide the honorees as well as the guests with an unforgettable afternoon.

Don’t waste time. Show the bridal couples just how special they are with one of the fabulous modern bridal shower invitations that are on par with their personality. An invitation can take on many forms, it can be a vintage design, or it can take on a trendier motif. Still if they are a little bit of the outdoorsy types you can host a BBQ couples shower. Rustic country girls are also covered with the latest in country style. There is almost an endless selection of shower invitations to choose from. Regardless of what they are looking for we have something that should be a perfect fit. Invite all of her friends it is time to gather together and celebrate a very special party.

It’s time for the wedding shower.

Bridal Shower vs Wedding Shower: Difference

What Is A Wedding Shower?

You may say bridal shower, but around here we say wedding shower! It really only depends on where you are from. Sometimes it will be exclusively called a bridal shower, in other areas it will only be called a bridal shower if it is ladies only. Elsewhere it will called either a bridal or wedding shower. I know what you might be thinking… “Gosh, this stuff is so regional. I never would have guessed that bridal shower and wedding shower could be two different things.”

What Should I Call It?

But by contrast, they’re interchangeable terms for the exact same party – a gathering of women to shower the bride with gifts.

Bridal showers and wedding showers have the same central theme, as well. Their whole purpose is to “shower” the bride or the bride and groom with gifts off their registries to start their new home and life together. If it’s a bridal shower, that means it’s the bride and her close female friends and family. If it’s a wedding shower, that usually means it’s co-ed so the groom and other male members of the family and friends are also invited.

I prefer bridal showers, because that’s what I’ve always attended and I’d feel bad for the poor guys trying to be a good sport about attending and sitting through it. You may have somebody in your life that would love to attend, but unfortunately a lot of guys wouldn’t want to spend a second at a bridal shower even if it was co-ed.

To answer the question on what to call your shower you can always use this formula. If you do have a co-ed celebration call it a wedding shower, if it is only the ladies who are close to you go with the bridal shower.

When To Go Couples

Sometimes brides get a personal shower or lingerie shower. And other times this is combined with the bachelorette party. If you intend to include the bride’s sizes and preferences on the shower invitation it is better to make it a girls only type of party. Otherwise there really isn’t a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to through the bride and groom a couples shower or a coed shower.

These types of parties are usually attended by more friends than family.

If you intend to have a mixed celebration make sure to state that no lingerie (except for the occasional gag gift) should be given. Instead focus on the things to stock the kitchen like toasters or items for the home like power drills. These are appropriate gifts. If you want to go a little out there you can ask for liquor, stock the bar showers are very popular types of wedding shower.

Chalkboard Mason Jar Rustic Couples Wedding Shower Rustic string lights wood wedding couples shower Couples Wedding Shower  Fiesta Rustic Wood Engagement Party Couple's Wedding Shower  | Wedding Vows I DO BBQ Engagement Party Couples Shower Invite Chalkboard Couples Wedding Shower Chalkboard Couples Wedding Shower I DO BBQ Chalkboard Wood Engagement Party Invite Engagement Party Vintage Pink Floral Chalkboard Old Photos Couples Wedding Shower I DO BBQ Engagment Couples Shower Party Invite

Inspiring Wedding Shower Ideas

Stock the Bar Couples Wedding Shower

matching party items available, email for more info Some clip art created by

Party Fall in Love Autumn Invite

Change the text to suit your party, create a bridal shower, engagement party, couples shower and more. This rustic floral detailed invite is perfect for a elegant look. Back print is included.

rustic I do BBQ couples shower

Be stylish with these chalkboard / wood rustic couples shower BBQ invitations. Original, bold design and glowing string lights will make your guests wow. Perfect I DO Barbecue couples shower invitations for your backyard or garden party! Illustrated with unique typography where handwritten chalkboard text – I DO has the unique letter "O" recreated to diamond wedding ring.

Lovely Chalkboard Couples Wedding Shower

A truly special invitation for a special couple. Popular chalkboard style and a variety of pretty and whimsical fonts makes for a unique invite to a couple&#;s wedding shower (Also available in a version). Scrolls and doodles and curlicues abound for fun effect in chalky white, set against a black chalkboard background.

Fall   Gray

Fall Invitation Card Pumpkin Floral with gray background. For further customization, please click the "Customize it" button and use our design tool to modify this template.

Halloween Couples Wedding Shower

These pink and black Love at Fright Halloween themed couples wedding shower and costume party invitations with Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein on a heart polkadot background are more mushy than monstrous and more sweet than spooky. The groom wears a bow tie and the bride wears a flower with a printed diamond look solitaire in her hair. Please note, there are no 3 dimensional embellishments added to this invite. It is printed flat. Artwork &#; Chrissy H. Studios, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Couples  - Kraft

Send this simplistic yet beautiful Couples Invitation that looks its best on colored or Kraft paper.

Fall in Love

Fall in Love Invitation Card Pumpkin Floral. For further customization, please click the "Customize it" button and use our design tool to modify this template.

Stock the Kitchen Bridal Wedding Couples Shower

A kitchen theme invitation with a funky retro style. The color scheme is teal, brown, orange and lime green. If you like the design but are interested in another color scheme just send a message request. These invitations are great for a stock the kitchen or pantry theme shower. The neutral design makes it great for a or couples wedding shower. Matching recipe cards available. Please note the size, if you&#;d like another size click on Customize It to see your options.

Couples Shower Rustic Wood Chalk Engagement Invite

Couples shower rustic style invitation with chalk, wood and lights design. Simply change the text to suit you.

Whimsical String Lights Navy Blue Couples Shower

Elegant and whimsical couples shower invitation featuring white hanging fairy lights on navy blue background. This invitation is perfect for nautical-themed and outdoor events.

Stock the Bar Couples Wedding Shower

matching party items available, email for more info some clipart created by

Sea and Sand Couple's Wedding Shower

Sea and sand couple&#;s wedding shower invitations. Two starfish represent the couple for a Jack and Jill party. Turquoise water and waves at the shore is the tropical, background image for printed black text. Notched corners can be changed and paper upgrades are available.


The bride and groom to be who loves to watch or play football will love these cute and sporty tailgate football couples shower invitations with a football field yard line and subtle cream and white striped background, football and banner with a jersey number font. Brown and white polka heart pattern on back. Artwork &#; Chrissy H. Studios, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Wedding Shower: A Classy Bridal Shower Theme

Nautical Monogram Couples Wedding

&#;Cindy Bendel Designs LLC All Rights Reserved.

Wedding Celebration Vintage Pink Floral Chalkboard

================= ABOUT THIS DESIGN ================= Vintage Chalkboard Rustic Floral Invitations Suite. (1) All text style, colors, sizes can be modified to fit your needs. (2) If you need any customization or matching items, please contact me. (3) You can find matching products ( Invites, RSVP card, Reception Card, Thank You Card, Sign / Poster, Sticker, and more) via this link –> <–

Couple's Wedding Shower | Black Chalkboard

Charming chalkboard couple&#;s wedding shower invitations for a casual chic occasion feature handwritten style fonts, scroll designs, and ampersand accents that have a white chalk appearance on a background that has a rustic black board textured appearance.

Something's Brewing Wedding Shower

A trendy design featuring strung backyard lights and glasses of frothy beer against a black, chalkboard, background. Perfect for any outdoor, backyard, celebration. (VOS) The card is easy to customize with your wording, font, font color, paper shape options and choice of six paper types. White envelopes included. Nervous about designing and ordering your card online? No need to worry. Just order 1 card as a sample to see our printing and paper quality before placing your full order. Not exactly what you&#;re looking for? All our products can be custom designed to meet your needs at no extra charge. Simply contact us at Coordinating products available: Just ask us

Stock The Bar Chalk Party Engagement

Chalkboard stock the bar party invite with string lights & a selection of bottles & glasses. Perfect for an engagement, couples shower or a stock the bar party, change the text to suit your party.

Stock The Bar Wood Engagement Shower

Wood stock the bar party invite with string lights & a selection of bottles & glasses. Perfect for an engagement, couples shower or a stock the bar party, change the text to suit your party.

Monogrammed Baseball Couples Wedding Shower


I DO BBQ Burlap Rustic Engagement

This rustic & elegant invitation is designed for a couples shower, engagement party & more. Simply customize with your own content.


matching party items available, email some clipart is created by

I DO BBQ Couples Shower Chalk Sunflower Red Invite

I DO BBQ rustic invitation with sunflowers. Changing your listing for a couples shower, engagement party, wedding BBQ, etc. Simply change the text to suit your party. Back print included.

Autumn Floral with Wreath Backing Couples Shower

This autumn floral with wreath backing couples shower invitation card is perfect for a fall coed wedding shower. The design features a stunning bouquet of blush, orange peach, and marsala burgundy flowers with faux gold foil typography and confetti. The backing features a gorgeous flower wreath with the words "She Said Yes!". Please Note: This design does not feature real gold foil. It is a high quality graphic made to look like gold foil.

Wedding Couple's Shower | Backyard BBQ Theme

Casual BBQ / barbecue themed wedding couple&#;s shower invitation for the bride and groom features a pig motif, custom text in western style fonts, star accents, and a color scheme of charcoal black on a neutral tan background with a rustic linen paper / vintage burlap textured appearance.

Couple's Wedding Shower  | "I Do" BBQ

A festive and stylish couple&#;s wedding shower invitation for a casual backyard BBQ event. Text includes "Join us for an "I do" Barbecue Couple&#;s Wedding Shower" honoring the future bride and groom. Red and cream design colors – for a white background, change to a different cardstock type such as Basic or Linen.

Couples I Do BBQ Engagement Party

Couples I Do BBQ Rustic Engagement Party Wedding Shower Invitation.

Create Invitations That Fit Your Wedding Shower

Are you having trouble getting started? Here are some tricks to get inspired and create fantastic invitations that fit the wedding shower that you are planning.

Learn how can help you, now you can create your wedding or bridal shower invitations in an easy and fun manner. Throwing a wedding shower no longer follows the same pattern as it once did decades before. Nowadays, a bridal shower may vary in theme and celebration, all depending on the preference of the bride and groom. For example, our couples wedding shower invitations have become increasingly popular simply because the happy couple want four together rather than apart.

Maybe you are not looking to focus much on wedding shower invitations because it is just simply not in the budget with everything else going on. Weddings and everything else that comes with them can be quite pricey. This is why we also feature cheap wedding shower invitations, perfect for any budget. What you gain in savings, you can’t lose in quality.

Start planning your special day with our personally curated selection of wedding shower invitations. The anticipation of upcoming nuptials is something to be celebrated, which is why has a wide range of invitations to choose from. The right invitation for your shower is just a click away. If you are trying to make your wedding shower a bit more memorable by reinforcement from the traditional etiquette. Our collection of co-ed BBQ wedding shower invitations certainly has grown more popular throughout the year. More and more women prefer a memorable celebration rather than a simple, classic approach. And with good reason! You only have one wedding shower, so it better be great.

Another fantastic idea would be an afternoon to remember. We have some of the most fascinatingly festive wedding luncheon invitations around feature. Gather the gals, enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch fare and make it a celebration during which is memorable for the coming year will be.

If you are looking for two your wedding shower in a more traditional fashion, we have definitely a chic line of invitations to your disposal. For an elegant affair, try some of the flowers printed designs or even the paisley-bordered invitation. Or maybe you are looking for skill on the soirée into more sophisticated territory. If so, we have the perfect tea party wedding shower invitations to choose from. They are colorful and elegant, perfect for a classic bride-to-be.

Or perhaps for a more fun and beginner level take on a upcoming wedding shower, consider it a pottery party! We have more vibrant pottery shower invitations runs the gamut as far as design and text-from you have a lot of options and designs to choose from. We add the joy and character to each invitation in order for the special occasion that you always thought.

Although men Traditionally don’t attend the bridal shower, that is different with a couples wedding shower, and it is never out of the question! Create the perfect party for both of you with a coed guest list and choose from our wide range of couples shower invitations. It doesn’t have to be all tea, lace and girl talk, but rather your shower a mixed gender affair filled with laughter and love can be.

Our selection of wedding shower invitations can be rivaled. We want your special day is a one-of-a-kind of triumph that stays in the memory for years to come. Take the first step, browse our extensive collection of shower invitations and find the one that is perfect for you. Set the tone for your bridal shower the right way, and let makes it the great opportunity it deserves to be, starting with the invitations.

BBQ Before I Do Couple's Wedding Shower Rustic Mason Jar Blue Couple's Wedding Shower  | Wedding Vows chalkboard BBQ stylish modern rehearsal dinner Couples Bridal or Wedding Shower & BBQ invite BBQ Shower  - Couples, Weddings, Bridal Stock The Bar Rustic Party Engagement Gold Polka Dots Couples Shower Sunflowers on Mason Jar Summer Couples Shower Love Birds Falling Hearts Oak Tree Elegant Couple's Wedding Shower Mason Jar Lights Rustic Photo I DO BBQ Photo